Lock Down


Desi always makes me think or smile or cry. Guess which one this was?

Originally posted on The Valentine 4:

My daughter entered public school last year.  I was nervous about it.  I researched schools, talked to teachers and interviewed principals right up until registration day.  I considered homeschooling.  I considered academic challenge, arts focus, science focus, and international baccalaureate.  I read studies about the risks/benefits of overscheduling and excessive desk-work.  I read memoirs and blog posts about women and men who were “too smart” going into kindergarten, and what that may have meant for their social development and consequent life-choices.

Like all of us, every parent, I wanted to construct for her the best possible school experience, the best possible future:  Please just let her be happy, let her make friends, let her try hard and learn things and grow in ways she couldn’t grow at home.  And please let her come home safe.

I think it was around Christmas break, when Danica told me they had “Lock Down…

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2 thoughts on “Lock Down

  1. We had fire and bomb scare drills when I was as primary school. These children must understand, and they do not have to be very old before they do understand, they are at risk of a gunman entering their classroom to target and kill them. Lock down practice is on a different level to fire and bomb scare evacuation practice. What must be going through the children’s minds? The terrifying boogie man is real. Sad world.

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