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preparing to leave

I love being on holiday. Time with no expectations, space to muddle along  and let life just happen.

Preparing to go on holiday, however, is a different thing.

X days = Y outfits.

Is there a washing machine?

Don’t forget the underwear and the pyjamas and the wetsuits and the body boards and the skateboards.

Shampoo, people. And oodles of conditioner.

Of course you need to bring a coat.

Warm things.

Picnic bag.

Did anybody pack the swimsuits?

Doggy bed, doggy food, doggy medicine.


It starts off sensibly and before we know it, there’s no room in the car. Nothing seems superfluous, but there’s only 4 of us. Spurs Fan packs the car. It’s like a 3D jigsaw, a Krypton Factor puzzle. He manages to leave enough room for the last minute make up bag/ hair straighteners/ cuddly toy, but if you want something else bulky, you have to sit on it.

There’s only one thing that keeps him sane in the process. The holiday playlist/ CD/ mixtape.

There’s nothing haphazard about these- they are themed. There’s a Scotland CD, so that we come off the boat to Simple Minds and by the time we get to East Lothian, we can see Sunshine on Leith. We were in Co Clare, so we had west coast songs.



Clare is a beautiful county, busy in the summer months with holiday makers and tour coaches. Narrow roads, wide buses, wrapped up visitors.

Because of our holiday music we ended up doing a little tour guide performance every time we saw a bus. It never got old.

“On the left, we have stone walls. And if you look to your right, you’ll see that the grass is green.”

We are easily amused.

lalalalalalalalalalala lego

8.10 am Girl1 was in a rush, finding tights and shoes and other necessities. Girl2 was on my bed, full of excitement about tomorrow’s sports day- her last in primary school, so they get to go in fancy dress. Each class have chosen music to be playing while they compete. She tried to describe her tune, but there was too big a gap in my knowledge. She found a gadget to play it. We danced and sang and bopped in and around the bed.


8.13am Girl1 paused in her dashing, just long enough to roll her eyes. Mothers and little sisters are so embarrassing.

8.15 Chances of sleep have gone. Time to get up and veg in front of the laptop with coffee deal with all the lists my darlings have left for me…



A birthday ‘treat’

once there was a boy- a repost

He came into my life and nothing was ever the same.

I was no longer the only one.

He’s calm and measured; I flap and over-react.

He’s energetic and determined.

He’s curious.

He’ll always find his way.

He makes me laugh.

He’s not lost for words.

He’s the sporty, geeky, musical one.

He was a trend setter.

He wore the tshirt.

Now, he likes Noel Gallagher. Middle age comes to us all.

He does dad dancing now.

Happy Birthday, the Brother.

I quite like the songs

Tim Minchin’s White Wine in the Sun critiques the western commercial Christmas and religious institutions, but captures beautifully the potential warmth, caring and community of the holiday. It will never be everyone’s favourite, but I go all sniffly and gooey when I hear it.

I’ve never come across a more joyful version of Joy to the World than that by the Supremes. I sing along loudly, conduct passing strangers and fancy myself as Diana Ross. I have stop- no moping about, reading or boring housework when this comes on. Drop all and join me.

The long term reader may remember that I am a fan of Tracey Thorn. Her Christmas album Tinsel and Lights is fabulous- any track will do. Oh to have a voice like that.

There always has to be room for fun and irreverence. Did you know about the reindeer Joey and Chandler?  Or Jesus the reindeer? This song has livened up a few journeys recently.

Whatever is going on in your world, no matter how different this holiday time is from those gone before, find the things you can enjoy, and hold on tight to them. If singing loudly works for you, then deafen us all. Warm thoughts and virtual hugs all round.

Merry Christmas one and all.