In the real world

Spurs Fan doesn’t understand my interest in blogs. He’s baffled by my interest in the opinions, lives and work of total strangers. He wouldn’t be at all surprised if the blogs I read were produced by a robot in a dungeon somewhere. Until now.

Last night I attended the Irish Blog awards. I met bloggers, too many to list, but honourable mentions for TinmanGrannymar and Kirstie. You’re real! I came home with a goodie bag, a WDF badge and a huge fake trophy. The company was great. The lateness of the night was excessive and I’ve been fit for nothing all day.

The family haven’t noticed the difference.


4 thoughts on “In the real world

    1. Did the guitar make it home in one piece? Girl1 and Girl2 were very impressed when they saw the big trophy- they thought I’d won it. I’m going to put it with their wee turning up medals and occasional cup from the dancing and pretend I’m talented, hardworking and confident.

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