Wouldn’t it be wonderful to walk the high wire, like an acrobat or the twin towers guy, or Helen Skelton? The appearance of freedom, the calm, the perfection of it all. The painful hours of learning and struggle all paying off in a few glorious moments.

I need to achieve a balance between energy and enthusiasm. There’s so much that I want to do, and I want to do it all now. When I was first unwell, all I wanted to do was lie on the sofa and that did balance with my energy levels. I’m hoping that my current issues mean I’m improving.

Maybe I should take to wandering around, holding a long pole across my chest- if I can’t figure out how to get through the door then it’s time to sit down and rest.


3 thoughts on “balancing

  1. I’m good at that! I used to walk the wall at the end of the garden when I was young. It was huge and we had to climb up to get on the top. I was the best high wire artist in the neighbourhood (in my head) and with arms outstretched I stepped along like a ballerina.

    😦 It shrunk! Now when I go back home the wall just about comes up to my boobs!

    1. Our neighbours had a wall, which probably now would come to my knee. I thought I was incredibly brave to climb on there and wobble the length and return. Their gate had a brick post and, holding my breath, on a good day if there were no rowdy cousins about, I could make it to the top of that (now, hip height) and jump off on to the grass!

  2. We had a wall like that in our estate, it used to take me half an hour just to climb up onto it. Now I can practically see over it.
    The way to get through the door with the long pole is to hold it in front of as if you’re jousting, open the door then run through it really fast.
    Try it at a dinner party.

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