Denmark vs Hawaii

For weeks now I’ve been watching The Killing on BBC4. It’s dark, moody and enthralling. I’ve also seen plenty of Hawaii Five O which is bright, glossy and full of attractive people in swimming costumes. Technically these could each qualify as ‘crime’ dramas, but it’s hard to find any other points of similarity (unless we count my front room).

Scandanavian crime is fashionable now, and surfing in Hawaii probably has been fashionable from whenever fashion found about it. I’d go to Hawaii any time, but I’m not attracted to Copenhagen in November-it seems too much like Belfast with the rain, the gloom and the dubious politicians. If the Danish tourist board would like to persuade me otherwise, of course…

Both programmes have convoluted plots- The Killing’s is spread out over 20 episodes, looking at police procedure, family dynamics and political intrigue, while the plot of any single episode of Hawaii Five O is mind boggling. Nonetheless, I can watch Hawaii Five O with one eye on the Sunday glossy magazines; I can’t watch The Killing with anyone else in the room, in case they want to talk. How can I concentrate on plot and subtitles when there’s a girl burbling about Beiber, or Spurs Fan wanting to talk about the reality of  the outside world?


4 thoughts on “Denmark vs Hawaii

  1. We have the first five episodes of Hawaii 5-O recorded. Should we bother watching them or just delete them? (No pressure).

    1. It’s good fun, and not at all serious. The first one is probably the best so far because it introduces the characters well. The opening sequence and theme tune usually have me surfing on the sofa 🙂 I quite like it, but it’s not the end of the world if I miss one.

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