let me count the ways

Lovely Hugh Laurie

comic, actor, novelist, oarsman, musician


We all have our own talents. Some can sing, dance, do hard sums. Others give up careers in IT and electronics to make a living in gardening or curtain making. Some have the social skills to make us feel warm and involved and cared for. Some design and make the buildings and infrastructure which keep us safe and secure.

The tragedies in Japan this month have shown the importance of design for the environment, and of having back up emergency plans. What do we do if there is no plan b/c/d or e?

In life, how many of us have plans in reserve? How many of us drift into jobs because someone was willing to pay us rather than because that’s what we’re driven to do? How many of us are driven to do anything at all?

And how to I get to meet be more like Hugh Laurie?


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