Apart from reports for work and a few stabs at a diary/ journal, I’ve never written anything other than emails. I’m not a journalist, novelist, tv reviewer (you already know this). I don’t have a plan about what I’m going to write. This is not a project to get more than a handful of readers, or to promote a business. I just want to see if I can do it.

I don’t know how to be poetic, pithy or informative. It seems that I begin to run out of steam around 120 words/ 3 small paragraphs. Will that be as boring for us all as long, rambly posts? Will I learn how to tell a story? I seem to be starting off with a notion, and ending up somewhere else completely- this may a be a good thing, or just plain odd.

I don’t want to witter on about family or health, although these will undoubtedly continue to make appearances. There are any number of lifestyle and beauty blogs out there, written by people who know what they are doing, and who can work a camera. Maybe I’ll write up what the book club thinks  articulate wonderful book reviews. Maybe I’ll tell you about recent music purchases and how Spurs Fan struggles with anything recommended by Bob Harris, or that isn’t Paul Weller. If you’re really lucky I’ll rant about politics or shopping for clothes when one is rather larger than one would like.

I will not be doing outfit posts; I have been rude about too many of those.


One thought on “writing

  1. You’re doing fine so far, just write whatever you feel like writing whenever you feel like writing it.
    And by the way, very few of my posts end up going in the direction they were originally planned to.
    And by the by the way, your re-assurance on my blog that I don’t look like Gunther was not in the least convincing.

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