the next generation

I was wee in different world from the one the little folk now inhabit. Some things remain the same- childlike excitement, and Blue Peter.

Last summer we went on  a tour of Children’s BBC, at Television Centre in London. Children had the chance to read autocues, meet characters and ‘do’ the weather. We all looked out for familiar faces, took photographs of ourselves with a TARDIS and visited the Blue Peter garden. Squeak. The actual Blue Peter garden, with Petra and the pond and memories of Percy Thrower. You’ll not be surprised to discover that I was at least as excited as Girl1 and Girl2 put together.

Last week Spurs Fan was able to get JLS autographs (without the trauma of having to meet them). Boy band autographs. From the guys there are pictures of on the wall. Little hearts bounded in little chests. We held hands and jumped up and down. I thought of  my Donny Osmond t shirt and bounced another bit.

On Saturday afternoon Girl1 was at a party when the post came. A letter for her, from the BBC. With something in it. Sharp intakes of breath all round. Spurs Fan had to be stopped from opening it. The party seemed to last much longer than such events normally do. When she came home full of excitement and goodie bags, we suggested that Girl1 check the post. Her very own Blue Peter badge. Shock and awe.

Girl2 waits anxiously for another delivery.

Edit: these Blue Peter badges are easier to get than I thought- one arrived for Girl2 this morning. Relief all round.


4 thoughts on “the next generation

    1. It seems that Blue Peter badges come in various colours these days, depending on how impressive you are, whether you make it on to the programme, whether you’re a superhero etc. Girl1 has the ‘starter’ badge and is probably working on a masterplan to develop her collection 🙂
      I didn’t even know there were Man from UNCLE badges- what did you have to do? Was it in a lucky bag?

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