mental focus

Spurs Fan’s birthday is in early December. Being a good soul, I bought him 2 items that he wanted. Then I decided to give him one of those for Christmas.

Christmas came and went. We all got presents of one sort or another. Spurs Fan chose to spend vouchers on a CD/DVD box set. We enjoyed the DVD and listen to the music happily on the ipod.

I did some tidying at the weekend. I opened a drawer and found an amazon envelope- with something in it. The birthday/ christmas present. The same CD/DVD that we’ve been enjoying for months. It had never crossed my mind in all that time.

The effect of my new medication is that on making this discovery I laughed and laughed (and sang ‘Happy Birthday’). Not too long ago I would have been devastated- how could I be so dense/ thoughtless/ totally stupid? Am I never going to be half way sensible/ reliable again? Woe is me, and all about me. Thank you Mr GP for allowing me to stop feeling so guilty about being ill.

Now I just have to check if items can be returned due to overall daftness.


3 thoughts on “mental focus

  1. It’s not just you. My house is full of book duplicates, where I’ve bought a book and, halfway through reading it, realise that not only have I read it before but I can see the first copy on the bookshelf from where I’m sitting.

  2. I had that problem with magazines. I often bought one I’d already bought & read the previous week. Problem solved by subscribing to every magazine I’d ever be likely to read. I call it economising.

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