We have daffodils and blue bells. Birds are doing their thing. There is washing on the line. We’re wearing lighter coats. It’s possible to walk through the park and not get soaked. Frogs have spawned. There is a freshness in the air.

It’s time to be mindful. Time to stop, notice, appreciate, take a breath and just enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be outside- the other night I was cuddling two miserable, tired girls on the sofa and it was wonderful. There’ll not be too many appreciate the wonders of hot water bottle as much as I do.


an empty ironing basket.
6 Music
a ‘to do’ list that’s done
new notebooks
fresh bedlinen
cups and saucers
old photographs
plumped cushions
snuggly blankets
Mad Men
whatever European crime dramas BBC4 offer
In Treatment
Ryan Adams
Born to Run
Spurs Fan in a new ridiculous football shirt
girls playing together

a glimpse of the sea



Whatever you’re doing, stop, think, enjoy it.

Be twee, like me


6 thoughts on “spring

    1. A friend is researching bird song and is spending hours these months up before dawn to be out with a microphone- I’m not that dedicated; the odd wee warble and tweet keeps me going 🙂

  1. a HAH ! so you do exsist !, lovely to come have a nosey round yours…i’m looking for your email to send you an invite…
    i’m liking all of the above ( not sure on ryan adams ) but the entire in treatment in 3 nights was a particular highlight from last year ….gabriel byrne….swoon…..i once said hello to him you know……!
    whenever joe wears a football shirt i say ” i didn’t sign up for this” ….

    1. I met Spurs Fan at a World Cup party. He was wearing a football shirt then. It seems I did sign up for it.
      The things you don’t realise until later…

  2. The constant struggle of life – being mindful versus multi-tasking. Sometimes all I can be mindful of is the to do list in my head, and that doesn’t count. Did you have a go at the newish Springsteen ‘The Promise’ CD? I thought I’d find it old and heavyhanded, but it sure has grown on me.

    1. I really like the old aspect of it, and the recognition of older versions of old songs. Some of the best times have been Springsteen related, and the old sound just makes me smile. I enjoy ‘The Promise’ more than the most recent new one.

      Often, when doing boring housework, I watch the dvd which came with The Seeger Sessions- they’re having fun, making music and drinking and I want to be in their gang. But I’m in Belfast, in the rain, ironing.

      (Obviously actually ironing in the rain would be downright dangerous, so I try not to do that at all)

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