lou reed

Many moons ago J introduced me to the music of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, early Bowie and even Sandy Denny. A time of late nights, smoke filled rooms, angsty teenagers and much laughter. Now a responsible mother of tall teenagers herself, J knew how to lead us all astray. There’s not so many late nights now, but still we laugh.

Years later a group of friends and I went to Barcelona. We revelled in being the most pale people for miles. We were overwhelmed by cathedrals, mosaics and art galleries. Gaudi, Miro, Picasso- awe inspiring, headache making, amazing. We walked for miles around and round the Barri Gotic in delight at every windy street, pokey shop and unexpected church. We took many photographs at the Nou Camp.

As luck would have it, our visit coincided with La Merce- a 5 day festival in September. We leaned out of the bedroom window to watch the Giants’ Parade, we watched a bizarre but brilliant ‘musical fountain’ display and we got to a free concert in the cathedral square-a three minute walk from our hostel. I climbed on wee ledge, leaned on a stranger and sang along at full volume with Lou Reed. It was a wonderful experience (though possibly not for the stranger).

That’s why now, when I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years and sing this, I don’t think of his drug addled darkness- I think of Barcelona, and laughs, and I smile.


3 thoughts on “lou reed

  1. There must be something wrong with me. I never went to a pop concert or had a musical hero when I was young. Maybe that explains why I now take to a stage with an air guitar! Second childhood is wonderful!

  2. You were great with air guitar at the blog awards, Grannymar. And I wasn’t pasty in Barcelona – maybe off white though, less off than white.

    1. You are never pasty- you’re one of those annoying people who could go out to hang up the washing and come back in with a tan. Do you remember hearing the guffaws coming from the back of the bus as a crowd of Germans made fun of the pale G and R? I was whiter than they were, but you and I were at the front, where nobody could get a good look at us.

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