for Casapinka

The glamorous and talented Casapinka was wondering about primer here a while ago. We all know by now that I’m not a beauty guru. I don’t wear make up every day and I don’t have a variety of ‘looks’- there’s me with make up and there’s me without make up.

However, I do use primer. I was given some as a birthday present and haven’t looked back. I use the laura mercier one- that’s what I was given, it’s well reviewed and I never experiment…

As a result the foundation slides on more easily, looks better and stays on longer. (The latter is less of an issue for me than for somebody who gets to leave the house for long periods.) I use less foundation per ‘go’ in any case. There are no blotches. The big black rings under my eyes stay partially hidden all day. Because the foundation sits well, so does the blusher (another gift, from the same person- either I’m very lucky with my mates or my make up has traditionally been so woeful that she’s had to take drastic measures-you decide).

One day, when I can handle the technology, I’ll illustrate this post with fetching pics of  my freshly scrubbed face, my primered face and the stunning beauty of the end result. Until then, just imagine this, and not this.


5 thoughts on “for Casapinka

  1. Mise, I’m shocked that you would doubt me, especially when Grannymar can bear witness to my beauty. I was, of course, using primer that night.

    I haven’t worked out what I’m doing wrong with the pictures. I tried a few some weeks ago and, though I think I followed the instructions, the pics didn’t show. Any wordpress bloggers with pictures out there who can help?

    Mise’s scepticism can’t be allowed to triumph!

  2. Having mastered headers (sic) I could show you how all this is done!! But it’s probably not worth shortening your life going through the whole process again!

  3. Ohhhh you’re still using my pressies!!!! And it wasn’t because you were woeful- it was becauce was influencing our lives.

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