the day the socks came off

I live close to a large, beautiful, park. I walk through it several times a week, and it’s one of the things I love best about living where we do. Regularly, on my way to somewhere else, I pause in the park- watching the squirrels, the variety of dogs and owners, a toddling crèche, the style.

We have bright, sunshiny weather these days. That’s wonderful, yet somehow troublesome. It’s early April- can it be right to wear very short items and sandals? Well, that’s always going to depend on shape, style and general pastiness as well as the weather. This was the week that the population of Belfast decided to experiment with their clothing, regardless of shape, style and pastiness. The park and surrounding busy streets were filled with struggling souls like me, working out our individual looks for the warmer weather.

There were sheepskin heeled boots along with patterned lacy tights, shorts and a vest top. There were big coats, scarves and sunglasses. There were tiny dresses on pale legs. Heart shaped sunglasses and big jumpers.

On Wednesday I’d thought I was being radical by leaving off a cardigan, taking off my coat and pottering about in a t shirt, dress, tights and boots. By Friday I had changed tack- jeans, slightly the wrong length top, light cardigan and fittflops.  Have you noticed the cardigan theme? Kids have comfort blankets; it seems I do comfort cardis. Sometimes I’m a real granny mush.

Bright coral toenails. (who even has coral nail varnish?)

We don’t react well to the changing seasons round these parts.


5 thoughts on “the day the socks came off

  1. I’m actually outdoors as I write this, at twenty to eight in the evening.

    But I am wearing two t-shirts and a hoodie, and woolly socks. You’re right, we don’t know what to do when the sun starts to shine.

  2. Why do last summer’s clothes never fit and always look wrong? The trousers I put on last week were too short. They were the right length last summer. Would the spare tyre I added to this winter, be hoiking them up?

    1. Even with the fatness I never have a ‘trousers being too short’ problem. Only some shops sell trousers suitable for the short stumpy leg. Not a bit wonder I wear skirts/ dresses a lot!

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