How do we work out what’s important?

Do we absorb our voting patterns from home, like the vitamins in the cabbage?

Do we choose to include or exclude?

Health and education or roads and water?

Can we ever have ‘normal, boring’ politics in the north?

We have an election coming up on 5 May. A day off for the girls as their primary school is used as a polling station. When I was in primary school, the army used to be on the roof at least the day before the election- twice the excitement.

I’ve lived in this area for 16 years; I think there were canvassers at the door once during all that time- and we’ve had a lot of elections. We always get leaflets, but nobody rings the doorbell. I’m curious about how the political parties decide where it’s worth the effort of canvassing, of talking to the voters. I know I make up my mind based on performance and personality. What is her record like? Will he attempt to understand what I’m talking about? Will she treat me with respect? Is that him looking for trouble again? Why can no-one attempt to build a consenus?

The last time I spoke to a politician about an issue, he suggested that I must know somebody intelligent and articulate who could come and talk to him about it…

 Guess who’s not getting my vote?


6 thoughts on “elections

  1. I have started emailing questions on certain topics to candidates – social services, education, human rights, environmental issues etc (not necessarily in that order!). I immediately count out those that don’t even bother to reply – which turns out to be most of them! It seems to me that candidates and parties assume they have a right – presumably bestowed by tradition – to the votes in a particular area. They don’t need to address the reality of those they are supposedly representing. Or does that sound too cynical???

  2. No, I think you’re dead right about many of them. I emailed quite a few recently about rare diseases and it was amazing how few even bothered to acknowledge my existence. I’m happy to vote for those who engage- luckily there are some in this constituency. Interesting how they’re not connecting with me on the doorstep, but using email and twitter connections. The traditional ones are doing neither!

  3. If I save up all my polling cards for the next few elections, can i trade them in for 1 polling card for the USA elections? It would be more interesting. I know, I know -I have to use my vote because of the suffragettes, but I wonder would they have bothered getting the vote, if they were faced with the miserable shower of Northern Ireland politicians?

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