Spurs Fan has a big, chunky football themed mug from which he drinks copious amounts of tea. He finds it remarkable that, during the course of a day, I use different cups for different drinks. I like the variety. This week I’m using these- next week, who knows?

Morning coffee: in 2000 Spurs fan and I spent a week in New York. We walked miles, saw sights and enjoyed all the hospitality. One grey morning we took the Staten Island ferry to and fro, and then went to the World Trade Centre. I’m not good with heights and who wants to look at an office building? But since we were literally passing the door, it made sense to go in. It was incredible. Even on a dull day we could see what felt like the whole of Manhattan stretching out below us and far away. The fastest lifts ever brought us down to earth and we lay on the benches between the towers, in awe at the buldings around us. A few blocks away we called into this coffee shop for restorative magic (and cup buying) before continuing our wander back up to midtown. I have often wondered about that coffee shop and its customers, and all the office workers we passed that day. I’m sure many of them are no longer with us. It helps with perspective.

Tea in the afternoon: I don’t drink coffee after lunchtime anymore. This will come a shock to any of you who knew me in an earlier life. Afternoon coffee now makes me hyper and unable to sleep when I go to bed. Months of fruit/ herbal teas proved to be disappointing. I don’t like regular tea. The happy discovery was 3 ginger tea- tasty, with a bit of a kick. I’m using a proper cup and saucer for that- part of a tea set my parents received as a wedding gift (do people get tea sets these days?) from my dad’s grandmother.


When I’m feeling unwell (daytime): well, nobody wants the tea cup to taste of lemon, do they? This mug with little daisies on came from a shop in Gweedore. There’s at least a whole other post to be written sometime on Gweedore. It’s a good place to think of when feeling bunged up and miserable.

Soup: The mug needs to be big and chunky and feel properly warming between the hands. This one (Westport) will even hold a full tin of soup when required.

Yes, I do own mugs I’ve bought locally, but they’re the ones that will come out when you’re round- there’s a set of six that even match, to make me look like a grown up.


When I’m feeling unwell (nightime): Cough, cough, splutter, sniff, poor me I feel horrible. Cough, sniff, splutter.

A moment later, realisation dawns, and Spurs fan heads off to make some hot whiskey or port.




For fun: enough said


4 thoughts on “drinking

  1. It looks fine to me. I have different mugs that I use at different times. We (Elly + friend and I) were talking about tea-sets only yesterday. I inherited several ‘flowery’ sets when I married. They gather dust on a top shelf. Elly tells me that I may dispose of them. I think I am actually relieved! Charity shop here I come!

  2. They all look good but for some reason I’m drawn to the last photo. I wonder what has caught my attention so much in that one.

  3. Apparently the china tea-set I inherited from my granny and thought to have disposed of has been carefully stowed away by a team member in this house!! Cupboard space is at a premium and not for storing sentimentality!!!!

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