the royal wedding

You may have heard that the heir to the heir of the British throne is about to marry his long term girlfriend.

I’ve received several catalogues of royal wedding themed crockery and party paraphenalia. One of the British tabloids had a front page feature on the hotel suite in which the bride to be ‘will spend her last night as a commoner’, including a photograph of the wc, ‘the throne’. On the front page of a national newspaper. Is there anything else going on in the world these days? Libya? Ivory Coast? Elections? Referendum? No, it seems not.

There are commemorative magazines full of photographs of the couple- childhood, student days and more recently. There has been fervent speculation about the dress, the dress designer, the impact on cake fashion, what the guests will be wearing, why some guests aren’t allowed a ‘plus one’. It goes on and on. The wedding takes place in about 10 days and, at one level, I’m sick, sore and tired of it already.

Mind you, I’m fascinated by it all. How the establishment wants to present itself at a time of worldwide recession and rebellion. Big up the tradition chaps.

Why is news that the army are rehearsing their ceremonial duties? Or that the new princess will need a large wardrobe for her hybrid role of housewife and public figure? Why does an already slim young woman, whose future income does not depend on her appearance, feel the need to lose what looks like a significant fraction of her bodyweight before getting married? Why Catherine and not Kate? Why does the government, which doesn’t want to tell us to look after our own recycling or our health and safety, think it’s ok to ‘encourage’ street parties to celebrate the event? Why on earth has the poor woman got to wear Diana’s engagement ring?

I’ll not be hosting a street party or buying kitsch decorations. Despite the hilarity of many of my friends and family, I will, of course, be watching the wedding. I will be glued to the tv for what is being billed as the biggest broadcasting event ever. If I had a workplace, it would be a watercooler event. (If I had a workplace I would have an extra day off, courtesy of HM Government. Seriously.) Instead, Twitter will be used for community building and commentary.

If I were to buy anything for the event, it would probably be from here. Which do you think I would choose?


12 thoughts on “the royal wedding

    1. The very name I was planning on giving you eventually 🙂
      I was thinking of linking to the mug that had William’s name but Harry’s face, but I couldn’t find it…

    1. Fran, you’ve been so busy getting to grips with twitter that you’ve been distracted. These things happen; I’m glad to be able to rectify the situation. It would be sad if you didn’t get the chance to break out the bunting/ close yourself up in a darkened room/ watch it all, complaining all the time.

  1. I’d choose the ‘my other mug’ mug, but would be disappointed that it’s a lumpen shape. Can’t subversion be prettier? Would you have to change your name from Speccy to Specerellaette if you married a prince?

    1. I enjoyed the tshirt that said ‘smash the monarchy- but first, look at the pretty dress’. I couldn’t wear it though, except as a pj top!
      I think you’ll have to do the designing of pretty subversion; you’re such an expert.

      1. Also, I have already married my prince (yes, he’s right here beside me) without changing my name at all. And I’d never be able to spell Specerallette- though I suppose the crockery would be there to remind me.

  2. I’d laugh except that for the Charles and Di wedding we brought a telly into the office. And we were all blokes.

  3. There is no point in me trying to deny that I will be watching this from early morning to late at night. Currently, I’m planning what supplies I need to get in for this marathon. I’ll watch any of these reality shows.

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