waking up

Often, the waking up at all is the hardest part of the day. If I have to do anything other than leave the girls to school I need to be up about an hour and a half earlier- it’s not just about drawing on a face, doing hair etc- I need that time to get awake and functioning.
A few months ago (the last time I tried to get up in a hurry, without being fully awake) I had a ridiculous getting out of bed accident which meant that I had a hospital visit and toes strapped together for about 2 months. Ouch. Not serious, just daft.

I used to be lulled awake by the radio- pop music and gentle chat setting me up for the day. Eventually there were years of being woken by crying, not just at getting up time. Oh, the crying. How do we get past all that without a party? Is it because we are too tired to notice that nobody was crying this morning?

Now, the household has devised a number of strategies to ensure that I get wakened when I need to. Spurs Fan gets the girls up and ready for the day. If I need to be up soon, he’ll start talking and asking me questions (with no expectation of an answer; the purpose is to try to engage my brain). Time drifts by and still I sleep. On school mornings, Spurs Fan insists on chatting  before he heads off to work. Then Girl2 starts violin practice. She’s only been playing a few months and is diligent in her practice.

Eventually Girl1 comes to investigate, and maybe poke me a bit. This is a warning. A precursor.

Girl1 starts trumpet practice. Before 8 am. I get up eventually. The neighbours must love us.


3 thoughts on “waking up

    1. eeew, not my face, not when I’m sleeping…
      I had a pup licking my toes earlier as I was chatting to its person, which was bearable

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