the volunteering day, April

7.30 am Shower and dress.

8.15 am School run, breakfast, playing on the internet.

9.30 am Set off to walk to town.

10 am Meet friend unexpectedly, sit and chat for half an hour.

10.45 am Buy the default warm weather black linen trousers.

11 am Potter about clothes, book and record shops, with a wee sit down. Feel very virtuous for not buying anything, despite the fact that the reason for not buying is that I’ll just have to carry books about all day.

11.45 am Fall in love with unnecessary pair of shoes and purchase. Realise I now have to carry shoes about all day. Ultimate professional, me.

not an orthopaedic shoe

12 noon Turn up for lunchtime meeting, drink coffee and read book.

12.15 pm Realise everyone else is waiting on me upstairs.

12.30 pm Order lunch, chat, plan event, chat, eat, come up with alternative plans, chat.

1.45 pm Leave for second meeting, use taxi driver on her first day, arrive late.

2.20 pm Explain volunteering role, previous volunteering and work experience. Am told I have the ‘wow factor’. Become embarrassed, but chuffed. Let proper employed colleague talk more. Talk work, make plans

4.15pm Home, collect Girl1 and Girl2 from minders. Lie down. Drink ginger tea from a china cup.

Do nothing for the next 3 days. Decide never to go into town again.


4 thoughts on “the volunteering day, April

  1. When you can lay out what you did during the day in such an organized fashion, it makes it all look planned and necessary. And it reminds me that I need to buy some sandals.

  2. Lots of good things in that day, chatting, shopping, pottering, new trousers & new shoes (nice shoes!), coffee, lunch, book reading & to top it off being told you have the wow factor. Impressive!

  3. Patti, if only I were organised!
    But so much of the fun comes from the unplanned and the unexpected…
    Exhausting but successful day- one of those wee ones you store up for the rubbish, wet grumpy days when nothing gets done 🙂

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