would you trust me?

The other day I coloured in my toe nails, donned the new shoes and took my bare legs out for a walk. I brought a cardigan (of course) and a handbag.

the stuff I carry about

Off I wandered through the park, admiring the bluebells and wondering about the bird song. I ambled past cafes and felt the call. After the GP I found a shady cafe and gave in to the urge for coffee and a scone. I read my book. Only when I was due to leave did I realise that the people at the next table were talking about blogging, wordpress and marketing. Maybe I should have stayed and paid attention. I’m sure they’d have loved a random old biddy sticking her nose in.

Turns out though, that looking like an old biddy might have its advantages…
Did you notice what was missing from the handbag?
Yes, I now owe the coffee shop £3.90. The purse was on the sofa all along.


One thought on “would you trust me?

  1. I have walked out of a coffee shop without paying, only to discover it when half way home! I blame the fact that in so many places you now pay before you find a table. I did return and pay my bill but it didn’t stop me feeling like a criminal.

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