weddings r us

Thoughts on a long morning of TV watching, with surprisingly little complaining… (You should read each of these thoughts as if it were a well thought out articulate, witty paragraph. Then I’ll be coherent, funny, and I’ll agree with you):

Pomp and circumstance.

Those wee boys suddenly looking like proper grown up royalty in the big uniforms.

Tradition and minibuses.

Indoor trees and stunning mosaic- Westminster Abbey is a remarkable venue.

Ceremony and security-those guys on horses have a challenging job.

Fantastic footage and gushing commentary.

Reporters amazed that the bride had input into the wedding planning. Duh!

Style and gossip- Victoria Beckham in 7 inch heels, queuing, heavily pregnant.

Hats, fascinators and a shock no-hat. Is Samantha Cameron a closet subversive in good shoes?

Harry- bumbling,overblown, someone needs to teach him to stand up straight – but so cute when he’d relaxed with the children.

The much maligned Middleton family dressing and behaving with style and grace.

The bride’s make up being too heavy and dark, but she still radiant and pretty.

Girl1 and Girl2 only being interested in David Beckham, the folk featured on the Blue Peter build up, and Mr Bean.

Good outfits on the woman with Earl Spencer and the fiancée of Prince Albert of Monaco.

Tara and Santa.

Emphasis on how ‘down to earth’ and how ‘just like us’ the couple are. Indeed.

The surprising news that this was not a state event and so the pageantry was limited…

Unallocated seats for the majority of guests- like on a budget airline.

David Beckham.

Is Jerusalem lost to the left now? Or were Kate and William throwing a modicum of social justice into the mix of all that tradition, inherited wealth and privilege?

Diana who?

And then the attire:

Girl1 is a drama queen

Girl2 had a tiara with her dressing gown

Spurs Fan had a handy reminder of hymn lyrics



Also, Kate’s dress was pretty fabulous.


6 thoughts on “weddings r us

  1. Since I didn’t become aware of the pre-emptive arrests or the buried news about greater than planned health service cuts until later, you can think up your own rants as well.
    What do you mean I’m not meant to have you do all the work?

    1. They released the news about health service cuts being greater than expected during the wedding ceremony. Another good day to bury bad news.
      Loving the toes!

  2. I really enjoyed it, and thought it was a fine example of civilization. Girl1 and Girl2 are dears – it’s good to think that they have their princess days stretching happily ahead of them.

  3. Aw I didn’t think Harry was bumbling & overblown. He was sweet & nervous & almost definitely hungover. And his messy hair was endearing. I had a great day at the Royal wedding. Really hope Chelsy & Harry go next. All fun!

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