all or nothing

I don’t do photography. Quite some time ago I found a film in camera and got it developed- dark and blurry pictures of a wedding 3 years previously. The couple had divorced in the meantime.

We have hardly any pictures of Spurs Fan, because he’s in charge of the camera. You’d think that since I don’t like getting my photo taken, I’d be happy to be the photographer, but no. There are many, many pictures of family members with cropped heads to demonstrate that this is not one of my strengths.

So it’s with some surprise that we have noticed me using the camera recently. Spurs Fan had to show me how to transfer pictures from the camera to the laptop just a fortnight ago. The other day we took a car load of girls out to play and I took the camera. The photographs aren’t great, but me even trying is a whole new thing.

Going from one extreme to the other, I spent part of yesterday evening trying to find a basic photography class locally. The other part of the evening I spent looking online at reasonably priced cameras with more oomph than the one we’ve had for years. My current favourite has 14 something, and 10 something else, and crucially, is a fetching shade of purple. Spurs Fan is not convinced that this description merits purchasing, but I have a birthday coming up.

Yes, I’m not thinking of a handbag, or a dress, or a Waterstone’s voucher (though if you’ve already bought me any of those I’ll be happy to take them anyway); I’m thinking of a camera. This blogging business does strange things to a gal.