which me?

It’s been holiday time recently, so the family have had to wonder, more than usual, which version of me they’ll get that day. During term time they don’t have to wonder so much because they’re all out at school, leaving me to deal with myself and my health. Holidays have the extra spice…

Will it be the Saturday version when I slept until 9.30, had breakfast, and then went back to bed until much later because my body wasn’t ready to be awake? Will it be one from the day before when I watched some tv, did a wee bit of ironing and then sat down a lot when I was meant to be batting a ball outside?

Maybe it’ll be the me of Sunday? I remembered to pay bills and finally ordered the music for Girl1’s trumpet exam.

I operated on some soft animals, sewing up gaping holes that had been widening for rather longer than planned. Pet rescue in the sun.

I stuffed envelopes with information about the charity and the support it provides to patients and carers, and addressed them to about half of the health professionals with an interest in neurology in Ireland. More to follow. Who said volunteering couldn’t be exciting?

I baked a cake.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time?


6 thoughts on “which me?

  1. That was a good, good Sunday. I always wake up on weekend mornings with such good intentions and the day stretching wonderfully ahead, but somehow the children expand to fill the available time and hardly anything is achieved. Sleep is good, though; your sleep is an achievement too.

    1. I’m learning that potter about with the family time is an achievement too. We all get caught up in the things to be done sometimes and miss out on just enjoying being together. Of course, sometimes being together is chaotic and noisy and grumpy… It’s maybe more serene round your way?

  2. Give it time.

    Back in 2002 following a flu like bug, I developed CFS and could hardly walk across my living room without hanging on to furniture. It was a long slow struggle and I lost two out of every three days. A year later a heart condition was diagnosed. Living alone meant I had nobody but myself to look after….. at times I could hardly even wash my own face never mind shower, clean up and cook my meals.

    I only went out on good days, with my hair done and face painted. The outside world only saw me like that, so there was no sympathy. Elly and a good GP were the only people with any understanding of what I was going through. Even to this day I have odd episodes and it feels like a plug has been pulled and the energy drains like the water from a bath and colour leaves my face. Now I know to give in and listen to my body.

    You saw me at IBA11 and how full of life I was. If you notice I sat in the early part of the day and let people come to me. It is a case of learning to pace yourself.

    Sorry for the long rant. I only want you to know I have understanding of how you feel.

  3. No, it wouldn’t be great if it was like that all the time. You’d bake way too many cakes, you’d all then eat too many cakes & grow so big that noone in the house would be fit to move…ever! Better to have periods of inertia. Safer for everyone. Healthier all round.

  4. kileen- amazing that one so young could be so wise! I resolve to listen to you at all times, even more than I do already 🙂

    Grannymar- that’s not a long rant; it’s a very generous sharing of your own situation 🙂 Generally I muddle along with plenty of rest periods built in, and am ok with that, but a combination of the holidays and stuff I read over the weekend just got me thinking about it all. Celebrating the days when I get things done- and god knows, even before I gave up work, the family would have a had a party to celebrate me baking and sewing. At all, never mind on the one day!

  5. Again – you impress with all that you do! I’m not burdened by ill health and manage to get up, go to work, come home and slob. No activity, positive or otherwise. You volunteer, you walk, you go to town, you care for a poorly mother. You bake, you attend school events, you rescue sick soft toys. You take photos, you blog. But at least now I blog too!!!

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