back to school

The other members of the household went back to school on Tuesday. Nearly 2 weeks off, including 5 public holidays, had us totally lost as to which day was what. Given the dry, sunny weather we had, we were even confused as to the month. It felt a bit like we’d spent several weeks with Nana and Grandad outside London, but with more beaches and fewer shopping opportunities.

You know when you have a plane to catch early, so you don’t sleep so well? That’s a bit how I was on Monday night- oh, I have to get up in the morning, so I can’t sleep. Excitement at having the house to myself? Anxiety about making it to school on time? Who knows the secrets of the black magic box…?

So what did I do with this family free house? Did I use the time well? Did I enjoying setting my own priorities and timetable? Were there hours of vital volunteering?

Well, I cleaned windows. I’m continuing to work my way through the huge build up on the Sky+ box (I may be beginning to think that Holby is a real place). I got to go to the Post Office and send away loads of Tesco vouchers to pay for summertime boat journeys.

But the most pressing task of the day? Removing the navy nail varnish. Priorites, eh?


4 thoughts on “back to school

    1. In honour of the return of dull wet weather I put on the purple/ grey one. Very not summery. Hopefully the sun will come back and I can change back to something shiny. The navy was good with jeans, but bad with legs- too cold.

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