the bear of very little brain

He Went on Tracking, and Piglet ... Ran After Him.

There are many wonderful children’s books. I love Green Eggs and HamHippos Go Berserk and War Horse. The Oliver Jeffers books are fabulous. Girl1 currently likes Mr Stink and Girl2 is working her way through the Rainbow Magic series, which she’s really enjoying. (These books are written by a marketing department, and an 8 year old ballerina is the target audience. I’d have reservations, only I read every Enid Blyton I could get my hands on) However, I have a special place in my heart for the warmest, most thoughtful bear of them all; A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh.

Pooh and Piglet have a wonderful friendship, having adventures together, looking out for each other and making fun where they go. Eeyeore and Tigger provide entertainment at either end of the spectrum- morose and moody; bouncy and innocent. There’s the not so clever Owl and the dry wit of Rabbit, sensible, motherly Kanga and toddler Roo. Heffalumps, Woozles, bees, all of Rabbit’s friends-and-relations, and Christopher Robin.

winnie the pooh with head in a honey jar

Images from BibliOdyssey

I should probably provide huge chunks of quotations from the books to enlighten and entertain you, but maybe that wouldn’t demonstrate the love and support the characters have for each other; how they survive floods and snow, a missing tail and a first swim, an overlong visit and a party; how they invent games, go on expotitions and welcome new friends. How Christopher Robin grows older and how the relationship changes. Or how I cry every time I get to the end of The House at Pooh Corner. You’ll just have to go and read them…

oh, ok then, just a few favourites…

Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind. “Pooh,” he whispered.

“Yes, Piglet?”

“Nothing,” said Piglet, taking Pooh’s paw, “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

“I don’t see much sense in that,” said Rabbit.
“No,” said Pooh humbly, “there isn’t. But there was going to be when I began it. It’s just that something happened to it along the way”

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever”

“I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me”

Aren’t they wonderful? These are books for children, but are so full of love and resonance for us all. Girl1 and Girl2 are fans also, and were keen to contribute even more to this post

Image by Girl2
Image by Girl1

The characters are now huge money spinners for Disney and toy companies. We have some of the soft toys, much loved. But I always return to the books and the EH Shepard illustrations. The illustrations were instrumental in my decision to get a Kindle version of Winnie-The-Pooh. I’m middle aged, but I still relish the thought of having him handy in my bag.

Maybe I’ll do another post on ‘Kindle as comfort blanket’.


4 thoughts on “the bear of very little brain

  1. Wait till Patti reads this, she loves the Pooh books.
    I can still recite large parts of the poems from “When we were very young” and “Now we are six”.
    My kids never got into them, which I was sad about, but someone gave Tinson2 a soft Piglet toy and it still sits on a shelf in his room even though he’s 16 now.

    1. I’ve been waiting for this! You mentioned that you were going to write about Pooh in a comment on the Tin blog. Always happy to see support for the real Pooh. I wrote about him, too, a while back. I love the quote you mention – “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

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