aha! a challenge

This is a bit of a novelty for me. I’m going to do this properly, like wot the young beauty bloggers do. I’m going to see if I can trial and then review a product. Pretend I’m doing homework and then you can read on, even in the unlikely event of you knowing less about beauty stuff than I do.

Beaut.ie reviewed BioEffect EGF serum and then offered samples. I signed up and the dinky bottle arrived a few days later. It contains an amount suitable for two weeks of use, and is valued at £30. (Did you not read Kirstie’s post? Only the best for us.)

My skin has been round for quite a while. It may be the only part of me that qualifies as ‘mature’. Botox wouldn’t go amiss. There are no ‘fine lines’. There are crow’s-feet and wrinkles. I do not expect miracles- what else are fringes for? My skin needs more than simple moisturiser: in the last 18 months or so I have used Lancome Genifique (ooh, nice), Boots Protect and Perfect serum (grand) and Dr Nick Lowe Instant Facelift (yeah, right. It’s not by the musician Nick Lowe, but might as well be). I use Liz Earle’s superskin concentrate (love) at night.

For 2 weeks I will use my normal products, but replace the serum/ night oil with the freebie.  I will let you know my thoughts at the end (plenty of time for you to arrange to be away in, for example, Las Vegas). There will be no photographs (unless miracles happen) as I can’t take the responsibility of what might happen if the world was exposed to the enormity of my pores. Rest, and be thankful.


5 thoughts on “aha! a challenge

  1. £30 for a 2 week supply. So, if you love this, it’ll be a £60 investment every month. It must be good!

  2. Well, I look forward with much interest. In general, I don’t believe in beauty creams and their pseudoscientific claims, but am prepared to be astounded by you if no one else. I once thought I had a minor forehead wrinkle coming on so I tried a dab of Sudocrem and it went away.

  3. £30 for two weeks supply? Hmmmm. That would buy me around six bottles of wine – which I feel would probably allow me to feel relaxed and certainly not worrying about any wrinkles!!!

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