what have you done to me?

Something very strange is happening to me. I’ve discovered that I’m looking at life, events, everything, through the prism of blogging.
Buying a new book? Oh, that will look well if I decide to review it.

Planning a family event? What pictures should I take?

It’s not just me- the girls are running round taking pictures of everything they do, in case it turns into a blog post.

See? Domestic chaos. Your fault.

Nana and Grandad are staying- how will I tell them that we are splashed all over the internet for the world to find, yes, even Barack Obama if he were so minded. (Sure, what else has he got to be doing now?) Ah, turns out the girls told them. Of course they did.

Herself is delighted that I’m writing something, anything. She has mostly given up on me being a news broadcaster or a solicitor, but at least I’m putting myself ‘out there’ somehow. It’s taken a longer time than she’d have liked, but then I’ve never had her oomph.

What’s left to say about the day to dayness of my life? Am I going to bore even myself and stop writing? Why am I carrying a notebook everywhere? When did coffee in Starbucks become so angst filled?

Will I write about how a trip to town to save 30% turned out to cost a fortune because I stopped at a bookshop and then House of Fraser before getting a taxi home?

It seems that I’m now thinking of my life as a series of stories. Will that make it more interesting than it feels? What about that rule of psychology or somesuch that says that the act of observing something happening itself changes what happens? What else am I doing differently?

Do I need to  stop rambling and write a nail varnish post? I don’t know anything about nail varnish…


6 thoughts on “what have you done to me?

  1. There’s always something to write about, even if you have to bestir yourself and make a cushion cover. What I like about blogs is the plot development – Facebook statuses and Twitter are too like gunfire for me with their speed and brevity, whereas with a blog post you can have a cup of tea and read paragraph two.

    1. Most of my blog reading happens in the morning with cereal and more coffee, please. Then I’m set for a busy day of lounging about, thinking exciting thoughts, and forgetting to write them down.

  2. I have noticed the same – and I like it. I think maybe our lives always have been a series of stories and they just needed telling.

    1. I like this Patti, it really resonates with something else I was thinking about today, and I just hadn’t made the connection!

  3. Yes – as I drive to work now, I look out for something interesting to blog about. I have it figured out, written. In my head. Purple prose as befitting a wannabe best-selling author. By the time I arrive home, I have well and truly forgotten it. Then I have to resort to comment on my daily mood!! Tooooooooo dull! So – that little snippet about the notebook – well that sounds like a goer. Driving…writing….thinking…composing….Yes – I can see how that will fit into my day!!!

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