Some time ago blogtopia queen Mise wondered what she was going to do with all her jam jars. The comments were informative and highly entertaining. (I can’t find the post now, so you’ll just have to read everything; don’t worry, it will be worth it.) EDIT: Mise has directed me here. They inspired me not to simply recycle the jars – now the collection of jam jars host other collections, and have other functions. Wait, I’ll show you. (Yes, still practising the photography.)

collection of 20p pieces for school


stones and shells from the beach
glasses with lids to keep the creepies out in the summer

the alien
What do you mean, only sci fi blogs have aliens? 
How could I have an alien and not show you?

3 thoughts on “collections

  1. I’m equally impressed by the uniformity of your jam jar collection!! And the pretty collection of red/white lids!!! You are clearly emerging, pheonix-like, with renewed determination, from the swamp of the throw-away society. I salute you!!!

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