hardly florence nightingale

There are many challenges when a girl is sick during the night

  • not being sick myself, in sympathy
  • finding clean bedding
  • waking up at all
  • holding hair back from the pale, boking, face

Recently I was faced with an unusual challenge. Spurs Fan was stripping the bed, Girl1 was cleaning her teeth and Girl2 was trying to sleep amidst the chaos. I was standing there, empty handed and task free, puzzled.

Me: ‘What is it?’

SF: ‘What do you mean?’

Me: ‘What is the sick?’

SF: ‘sausages ‘ (statement heavily laden with bafflement)

Me: ‘Oh’

At 2am, as awake as is possible, with the glasses on, I can’t recognise sausages. That I had cooked. And eaten. 8 hours earlier.

Brain fog, eh?

Things are worse than I thought.


One thought on “hardly florence nightingale

  1. At 02.00am it’s probably just because dreams are of sun sand and desert islands, rather than sausages. The brain fog is probably residue heat mist, soft white candy floss clouds floating over that azure blue Indian Ocean!!!

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