how to make a gal feel good…

I do some voluntary work. It’s for a charity that has helped the family deal with some of the issues arising from Herself’s illness. I enjoy what I do.

I send out information to health professionals; I research where in Ireland patients and families might get help. I support the paid worker in some teaching sessions, conference exhibitions and networking meetings. I get to put on make up, proper clothes and to talk to people I’m not related to.

Recently the charity got a new range of t-shirts, one that encapsulates all I feel about the condition. After a bit of pondering, I decided to buy one. I could wear it to events: hide behind its boldness if necessary.

Since I’m not a skinny minny I ordered an extra large. It arrived the next day, prompt and pristine. That’s when it all went wrong. It seems that “Ladies’ fit” is gobbledeygook for “teeny weeny”.

A replacement t-shirt has been ordered. So has a diet book.


3 thoughts on “how to make a gal feel good…

  1. Whilst on holiday (sic) I discovered my usual (honest!!!!) size 12 frame to be too big for the Xlarge tee-shirt I was trying on!! That’s where my suicidal ideation started, your honour!

  2. I don’t even assess the size of a tshirt any more. I just buy XL. There was somewhere sometime a coup by the teeny weeny to monopolise tshirts for their own. We have to live with the consequences.

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