Our youngsters haven’t had a full week in school for the last month. They’ve had Easter holidays, innumerable public holidays, a day off for the election and 2 days closure for teacher training. There’s another bank holiday at the end of May. It’s not that I’m fed up looking at them, but there’s always an air of ‘how are you going to keep us amused today, mother dearest?’. This, to a woman whose preferred activity is sleeping.

Minutes from our house we have the newly re-opened Lyric Theatre. The excitement for this day was to go there for lunch, to explore the space which had kept us curious as it was building.

There is light and lots of space. There are layers, and nooks and crannies to be investigated. There are views of trees, the river, the park, and the city skyline. As befitting a theatre, there was a performance on, so the opportunity to examine the auditorium is still ahead of us.

I left, inspired and invigorated. I want to go to everything. I want to be a theatre buff, to use the facilities right on my doorstep. Are you coming with me?


4 thoughts on “entertainment

  1. Most assuredly!!! Although it is not quite as close to me! But it looks wonderful – I loved it in its old body but it looks so utterly transformed and energized!! (I hadn’t even realized the building work was completed!) I can’t wait to get to see it (and be a theatre buff with you).

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