‘tiny’ or ‘you just had to be there’

A tale of hope, perservence and ultimately, how to spend a huge amount of time failing to produce the simple, lighthearted effective blog post you’d planned…

The photo challenge is ‘tiny’. I considered giving you the mysterious tiny pink flowers in the garden, or the tiny bank balance, but I’m sure someone else will do that better. Instead I planned on introducing you to a use of ‘tiny’ that had me laughing out loud.

Then I realised this is going to require more of your imagination than I’d expected. I was  let down by the trusty internet. We even recorded our own version, but wordpress won’t recognise it. (You at the back- what’s that about a bad blogger blaming software?) It’s not going to work quite so well when I tell you about it, but never mind.

Justified is one of my favourite programmes. It is a crime drama written by Elmore Leonard. It is folksy, funny and brutal. Timothy Olyphant plays the lead role of Raylan Givens, Walton Goggins is Boyd Crowder. The relationship between these two, Federal Marshall and outlaw/ possibly turned Christian forms the heart of the show.

The other night I watched Episode 5 of the second series. The main characters are lyrical, humourous and determined. Early on Raylan is speaking to a moaning prisoner and starts to wiggle his thumb back and forth over a thumbs-up style clenched fist…

  • Raylan Givens: Do you know what that is? That’s the world’s smallest man playing “My Heart Bleeds For You” on a tiny violin.

I’ll admit it loses something in the telling… If only I could have found that scene! You’ll just have to watch the programme. Did I mention Timothy Olyphant? He says ‘tiny’- surely that counts?

Later, Sheriff Tom tries to persuade Raylan’s boss Art to let Raylan come and work in his home territory of Harlan County for a while…

  • Tom Bergen: Art, I’ve been in Harlan 18 years. People still look at me like I’m some kinda yankee come down to burn their crops. But this guy…
    Raylan Givens: I know my people.
    Art Mullen: You’re like the hillbilly whisperer. We oughta put you on Oprah.

‘hillbilly whisperer’- I’ve been laughing at that one all day.

Maybe you just have to have been there.


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