my life as a beauty blogger

A few weeks ago I told you about the freebie I’d got via It was magic serum stuff, hugely expensive, and I challenged myself to review it properly. Yeah, well, um, it seems I’m not that good.

It’s clear, it’s a bit sticky and it doesn’t make much of a difference in two weeks. My skin felt more soft the night I unexpectedly had to stay in a hotel without any toiletries and I put E45 handcream on my face. The end.

Kirstie used it properly and did notice changes, and she knows what she’s talking about- pay attention to her. Rest easy beauty bloggers, it seems I won’t be joining your ranks.

So, since we’re not going to be spending £125 on this bit of fancy skin care, how can we feel better about ourselves/ the wrinkles…for £125?

What about Midweek Relax and Pamper at the Galgorm?

All sorts of fancyness at the Merchant, or afternoon tea for half a dozen?

Your choice of handbag?

What about some shoes?

A Kindle, stocked with all sorts of free books?

One day ticket for Oxegen11?

A wheelchair ticket for the Champions League Final?

5 years subscription to Triathlethe’s World?

Any amount of wine?

Some of these are things I might prefer- what about you? I’ll  kick off my stunning shoes and lie back with a big glass of wine to read what you’d like. Now, where’d I put the new bag?

Oh, I’m only meant to buy one of these things…


6 thoughts on “my life as a beauty blogger

  1. I’m with you on the testing lark. I broke my own rules and tried a new product that was given to me recently as a gift. Within 12 hours my shin looked like crumpled tissue paper, felt like sand paper and after two days had raised red bumps like mole hills. I thought I would need to go to A&E. 😦 Stick with what you know and trust.

  2. If £125 gets me the Galgorm – I may have to try that. Relaxation very definitely comes before magic serums. Much more immediate impact. Did I ever say that I am entirely focused on instant gratification???

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