celebrate, good times

I was woken by beaming children bearing gifts. Gifts they’d spent hours on, over weeks. Their thoughtfulness moved me to tears; they were so excited to be doing something special for me. (I must save that warm fuzzy feeling for the next homework time when we’re all cantakerous and baffled by multiplication…)

creativity runs in the family don't you think?

There were special pictures in colourful frames, a bangle and a key ring, and a backscratcher. Yes, a backscratcher. You didn’t think that was just a common or garden wooden spoon did you?

Then I got my fancy new toy. Soon (when I read the instructions) you will see the benefit of improved technology. Actually, you’ll probably not see any difference, but I’ll benefit from a rechargable battery rather than replacing them every turn round. I’m going to use the same technique to improve my photography as my writing- just keep bombarding you with it…

sleek, stylish and mysterious

When I chose this, one of the deciding amazon reviews was from a woman who said she’d bought it for her 9 year old. If a 9 year old could use it, surely it wouldn’t be totally beyond me? (Conveniently, I’d forgotten about the Nintendo DS and the Wii that I don’t really understand.) So, imagine my anxiety levels rising when I went to register the machine and discovered that it wasn’t from the ‘easy’ range; it’s from the ‘smart’ range. I’ve no idea if that’s a good thing or not. If I never speak of it again, you can draw your own conclusions.

taken with new camera- hurrah!

In the spirit of happy homemaking I used a gift to buy these

do these make me a proper mummy?

I seemed to be thinking that since Herself and the grandmothers had bowls like these, then the very bowls would pass on domestic skills. Never mind the secret of the Black Magic box, I’m expecting the secret of the baking bowls! Brain fog? I wonder how long it will be before I think I should have put it all towards a handbag fund?

So many skills to improve, so many happy challenges. So many gifts.

None of them as special as the excitement on little faces yesterday morning.


11 thoughts on “celebrate, good times

  1. Happy birthday, Speccy! You’re looking well and happy, and who wouldn’t be with those wonderful bowls, so full of domestic goddessicity that you are now in the upper echelons of lifestyle before you’ve ever used them. May it be a good, good year!

  2. It’s your birthday and you still fit in time to blog!!! Now THAT’s impressive!! Wishing you a very happy day and a wonderful year ahead. Which you will hopefully be recording in ever more fabulous visuals!

  3. Happy birthday! As you say, nothing quite like the excitement on little faces….

    Looks like a jet of water coming out of your right shoulder. Must be some kind of reflection….

  4. Thanks for all the good wishes everyone. Did you all see that I’ve won a book from Jane? My name got picked out of a hat, or antique soup tureen, and soon a brand new shiny children’s book will arrive. I’m thinking that the girls and I will review it for you 🙂 I did a little dance earlier!

    Nick, while I was just impressed that we got the camera working at all, Girl1 is outraged at your comment on her photography skills 😉 I’ll send her on a course forthwith!

  5. Happy Birthday!

    Love those bowls, my Granny had one just like it and I inherited it, but my fat and unbalanced cat managed to knock it over and break it! Definitely need another one!

  6. Looks like a lovely camera – to match all the other lovely stuff, especially the backscratcher (are you going into politics?) – I’m feeling a bit rubbish taking all my pictures on my phone.

  7. Welcome Surburbia, I have a lot of catching up to do over at yours 🙂

    Blackwatertown, I have a non tecchy shameful admission- I don’t know how to get the pictures from my phone, so I hardly use it for photos. It’s because I’m so useless at this that I needed a camera!!

  8. A very belated happy Birthday! I luv the backscratcher. My favourite gifts were the blood sweat and tears variety.. I still have a few of them about the place.

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