At the end of May there’s a bank holiday weekend in the UK. Last year our little household decamped for a long weekend to Gweedore, Co Donegal. The sun shone and it was warm, the first time I’d been there for events like those since 1977. (Only a slight exaggeration…)

I had breakfast sitting at the back, looking at Errigal. We had tea at the side decking, with no wind even to brave, looking at the sea. We walked and paddled, and batted balls about. We made big turf fires and drank wine. We splashed and built sandcastles. Spurs Fan finally began to see why I’d been dragging him to Gweedore all this time- he’d mostly had the rain before. Weeks of it. For years.

a little bit of heaven right there

This year we didn’t go away for the bank holiday, just muddled round the house together eating buns, and visited an outlet shopping centre, where some JLS and Justin Bieber merchandise fell into small hands. I’d have loved to have been at a beach sometime this weekend, but we made the right decision.

This year, for the end of May bank holiday, we had hailstones.

Weekly photochallenge; Water


10 thoughts on “water

  1. No place like Donegal in fact. Still amongst the most beautiful spots in the world. And most of the time, I remind myself when I’m there, when it’s lashing, as it mostly is, if it wasn’t for the rain it would be look like the coast of Spain. As it is, it’s unspoilt. So keep the rain coming, and we’ll keep going, even if only for the promise of sunshine every thirty years or so!

  2. Yes, we took the children to Donegal for a couple wet, blowy holidays. The memorable quotation came from a trip to Redcastle at Easter. “How do all the people here do their shopping? There’s no Tesco’s”. That girl really IS her mothers’ daughter!!

  3. Lovely photo – we had friends from Belfast who got married around the same time we did – they went to Donegal for their honeymoon and I can see why!

  4. Dawnriser, xtrekki- yup, wet and empty. Good and bad. 🙂

    Tilly Bud- nobody told me Stockport was pretty 😉

    Patti, I took loads of pictures that weekend because nobody would have believed me otherwise!

    Grannymar, it was unbelievable. I know we’ve had snow in May before, but that’s just a bit much. Somebody needs to sort out the weather gods 🙂

  5. I’ll never forget the women from Gweedore I met while working in America. They had the most beautiful accents and were lovely themselves. Pixies. They ran the shop next to the kitchen I was working in. We were all illegal.

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