We all need some stress I suppose, to get the adrenaline going, to motivate and inspire us. But how much is too much? All the characters in “Casualty“, for instance, are wildly stressed out- death, drink, pill popping, industrial unrest- and that’s just the hospital staff.

We’ve been a bit freaked out here in the real world too, with all the little stuff building up. There is a ballet exam and a trumpet exam is still to come. Practice is required. Spurs Fan has had a lot on at work. Girl1 has started to prepare for exams to transfer to secondary school. More practice is required. Practice interferes with fun. Life’s like that. I’ve got two meetings this week about my (lack of) ability to work. I’ve been sore and tired. Possibly most distressing of all, Sky+ has stopped working…

There’s practice for sports day- the bouncy hopper race in particular. There are gaelic football matches to be played. There are holidays to sort out and, it seems, summer schemes to be looked forward to. All good, but needing organised and timetabled- clashing kiddy activities, grrr.

We are lucky. One of us has a decent job and is fighting fit. While I grumble about my health, I know it could be a lot worse. I’m enjoying the voluntary work, and getting much more from blogging than I’d have thought possible. The children are curious, thoughtful and loads of fun. We all laugh a lot, and look after each other as best we can. I rant and moan and, eventually, talk/ write myself out of bad humour…

look at that hair, what a wonderful hairdresser her mummy is!

… The next day, the sun came out and the world was a brighter place. Girl2 went into the dance exam with her wild hair trapped in a dainty ballet bun (torture and wax, since you’ve asked) and her shoulders up around her ears with anxiety. She came out, skipping, with a grin from ear to ear, because the examiner had been smiley, and because she’d got her steps right. Sky+ is working again. Spurs Fan did what he needed to do. One of my meetings helped break down potentially overwhelming activities into tiny bits. The other investigated the possiblity of me getting into a basic digital photography course. I didn’t have to justify or explain- most unexpected. All is well after all.

All the stresses and the challenges, however unwelcome, bring their own opportunities. Grumpy here does know that, and just needs to remind herself from time to time. But look, it’s true, I do try- how else would I have found out that the new camera can do this?

'punk' apparently

And this afternoon I get to go to sports day. Who could remain grumpy in the face of a bouncy hopper race?


5 thoughts on “stressing

  1. Agreed, bouncy hopper races are the stuff of life. I’m just off to get mine now.

    One day we see through purple lenses, the next through diamond clear, and what changes, essentially, is us…I’d love to know the secret of being happy all the time…

  2. We had egg and spoon. And the three legged race for the parents. But – bouncy-hopper – now what on earth is that??? And another thought – today is such a wonderful day for a sports fest!!

  3. And some people say looking after children is an easy job. What planet do they live on?

    Glad you mentioned breaking down potentially overwhelming activities into tiny bits. That’s a useful tip for a work task I’m organising right now, which I’m getting a bit anxious about.

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