my weaknesses

You know about the buns, the wine, the sky+.  You know something of my book issues. I need to admit to a music weakness. The brother Many of you will consider my taste in music to be that weakness, but I’ll just ignore him you and tell you about some of my recent acquisitions.

I’m a sucker for anything with great harmonies, and I’m loving The Pierces these days. They’ve been around forever without much success, but seem to have struck a chord recently and are making progress in the UK. They have connections with the Strokes and Coldplay, and supported Lissie last year. There’s new album out (yay for birthdays) – even Girl2 is singing along now.

Yes, yes , I know! It’s a wealthy English toff type singing the blues… But it’s Hugh! It may be a blind spot (deaf spot?) on my part, but never mind that. Sing along. And remember that this is a hobby for him. Awe.

J introduced me to Anthony Toner just last week, horrified that I knew nothing about him. (She’s going to introduce me to art tours as well, so I’ll be very knowlegable and have loads to talk about… you lucky, lucky reader.) I’ll see how I get on with his stuff, but this song is infectious. Also, I used to spend a bit of time at the Rotterdam

As part of my thorough research for this post (stop laughing), I checked with the iPod to see what the most played tracks are- the top 3 come from a tv programme…

Just as well I wasn’t aiming for credibility then!


5 thoughts on “my weaknesses

  1. I love Lissie and I love Hugh Laurie. You’re the only person I know who’s even heard of Lissie! Anthony Toner was unknown to me too but I loved the song, I must check out his other stuff.

  2. Nick, in truth I wouldn’t have been surprised if the top 3 had been Lissie songs! I heard her on Simon Mayo’s Radio2 show a while ago and she was jaw-droppingly good. I might have bought the album before the show was over 😉

  3. I saw Hugh Laurie on Jools Holland, he was absolutely brilliant, and as you say it’s just a hobby to him. Makes you sick.

    I have to confess to owning every Placebo album. I went to see them in Dublin last December and was the oldest person there by about fifteen years.

  4. Well… 1 & 2 are alright, but don’t really grab me.
    4 is not for me at all.
    But 3 – now that’s different altogether. Never heard of him before, this Anthony Toner, but I loved that song. Great. And I used to drink a lot in the Rotterdam too. So what’s not to like? Thanks for putting me on to him. I’ll be listening to more of him.

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