This page is full of numbers- dates, times, age groups, numbers of entrants, class numbers, trebles, couples, three hands and teams. It’s a timetable for a festival of Irish dancing in a few weeks. There will be more numbers- competitor numbers to be tied on, the speed of a piece of music to be remembered, maybe even a number of medals to be brought home. (We’re not counting on that one!) As ‘our’ dancing school is hosting this festival, I’ll get a job to do and will have to remember the prices of sweets, tea, coffee and buns. I’ll have to badger people to buy ballot tickets and press a programme on the harrassed adults, at a cost.

a fun time is planned

It’s an event to celebrate the achievements of the children, to allow them to compete and have fun. It costs money to stage and the challenge for the organisers is to have the columns of expenditure (hall rental, musicians, adjudicators, prizes) and income (entry fees for competitors and audience, tuck shop, coffee shop, ballot) matching. At the end of it all, they’ll be looking for a positive number, or at least a zero. There have been fewer of these festivals this year, maybe because of the difficulty of this challenge.

Don’t worry, I will tell you more about dance festivals in time. There’ll be the number of times I text Spurs Fan to moan about how long it’s going on, maybe even to tell him of a wee success. There’ll be the number of cups of coffee I’ll need to keep me sane, and the number of times I forget I’m meant to be dieting and eat something sweet and icky. I often spend these events sitting at the back reading, or chatting at the wrong time.

There’s always one.

Weekly photo challenge: numbers


6 thoughts on “numbers

  1. I think you’re brave and admirable to take it on, Speccy, the best of luck. Whenever I volunteer to do anything, I always have a feeling somewhere in my stomach that I’m going to cock the whole thing up gloriously.

    I think my friends do, too….

  2. I tried to think up a number of clever things to say in response to this nice reflection on numbers, but my number was zero. Still, it sounds like time well spent and I look forward to pictures and stories to come.

  3. It’s events like these that bring and hold communities together. Well done you for making it happen.

  4. You’re all so positive about my helping out, I’ll not be able to moan about it!! You’ll have reframing my thoughts and being all sunny at this rate…
    Thank you, I may need that 🙂

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