The medication is helping with my concentration problems- the blog is proof of that. I could never have imagined I’d have the wherewithal to produce more than about 4 posts in total, and here I am nearly 3 months on, posting every day. Get me.

So why is everything on my Kindle defeating me? Even Jilly Cooper, bought for such eventualities, is beyond me at times. Many years ago Kileen and the much missed Lorraine bought me a mug. I was struggling with a master’s degree at the time and the mug featured a Gary Larson cartoon of a student looking to get out of class ‘May I be excused, my brain is full.’ I still laugh at that. My brain feels full so often now, without the academic challenges. I lose track of tasks, I forget to renew the house insurance, I fail to print out a load of letters because once I’ve done that I’ll need to sort them and label and post, and that’s all a bit much.

I was in Omagh on Monday night, just me and Herself’s Handsome Husband. I have brain fog; he has Alzheimer’s. I blu-tacked notes about my presence about the place and wondered if he would read them. I didn’t want to panic him, or be on the wrong end of a golf club. He does incredibly well, but is getting worse. I’m hoping my concentration difficulties will improve with less stress or more energy, but those possibilities seem very elusive right now.

It’s taken me weeks to recover from the last hospital jaunt. On Monday I was back in the realm of arranging emergency childcare, sending panicked texts to Spurs Fan at work and the Brother on holiday. All has worked out as well as can be expected, but my brain is overloaded.

It’s as well David Essex has turned up in EastEnders. I need something low brow to focus on for a while. Looking at David Essex’s eyes will take no effort at all.

Try it and see…


6 thoughts on “concentration

  1. I have to say Tilly Bud, there was an element of self-preservation there too! He’s old and frail, but stubborn as all get out, and increasingly prone to anger… I just wanted to be sure not to scare him.

    Cornflakegirl, it can be so frustrating can’t it? I read a lot usually, but sometimes now a book can go on for weeks and I get bored of just looking at it! I’m glad you’re seeing some improvement.

  2. Patti, I know! Someday I’ll be brave and show you some of my fashion choices from 1975… Mind you, they might be better than my choices today 🙂

    Kate, I’m looking forward to the omnibus; none of those pesky programme breaks. I haven’t seen EE in years, so I won’t have a notion about what’s going on. Chances are I’ll just watch David and not care!

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