obstacle course

Life is full of plans, obstacles, successes, failures, knockbacks and leaps forward of one sort or another. I need to celebrate the achievements (remembering to pay bills, doing some ironing etc) and acknowledge the good things, to prevent being overwhelmed by gloom. Yes, indeed, I have done two courses of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; how did you guess?

Hurrah! I travelled to a meeting that left me energised, motivated and excited about a piece of voluntary work I agreed to do. I made notes, drew wee arrows on pages, asked questions and felt, briefly, like a proper working person, making a difference.

Oops! As a result, I spent the next day in bed wondering why I agreed to take the work on. Surely my brain won’t be able to cope with it? And I’m sore- back, legs, arms and head. Woe is me anyway.

Hurrah! Girl1 and Girl2 came to play in and around the bed- dancing, reciting poems, trying out new hairstyles, practising obstacle courses. The bed, the quilt, the pillows, me- we were the obstacles. The result: two giggling girls in a heap on the floor under the quilt, me laughing (and cold) on the bed.

On balance, I’m winning. Nothing to complain about around here, then.


6 thoughts on “obstacle course

  1. Well, I haven’t taken a CBT course, so I may be All wrong, but it sounds to me as though you need an assistant. You would be the glamorous, motivational face of This and That and they would do This and That. Do you have the form to request one?

    1. I don’t have such a form; please get Beatrice to send me one. Maybe she may know someone willing to take it on? It would be helpful if the assistant had the powers to make me glamorous.

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