big girls browse

Navy, black, purple for main outfits. White t- shirts/ vests for under bits.
Skirts, dresses, wide trousers. Long tunics and leggings. Scoop neck tops with sleeves.
Necklaces, scarves, bangles, bags for a wee bit of colour.

I begin to see why Herself calls my ‘style’ boring. Sometimes I think I know what suits me and I just buy more of the same. Other times I think I’m in a rut and I just buy more of the same. Gok Wan would make me expose wobbly bits on tv, so that avenue of guidance is a non starter.

latest purchases... hmm

Since I’m not out at work I can lie about rocking the ‘comfy’ look most of the time, and it’s not pretty. The only good thing about the rubbish weather is that I’ve been wearing tights and boots until recently, so I didn’t have to expose the legs, or consider the horror that would be shorts.

So, what do I do? How do I ‘shop my wardrobe’ or somehow break out of the dull? I’m trying to downsize myself; will I feel more confident about what I wear if there’s less of me for it to stretch over? Do I just get ‘pull you in’ undies and wear them all the time? Will I be able to breathe/ sit down if I do that? I do look at fashion blogs from time to time, but I just see thin young women in silly shoes. Are there fashion or style blogs for fat 46 year olds cuddly middle aged people?

Maybe I need a magazine makeover? Or a stylist and personal shopper? (Certainly a cook.) Obviously I’d need to win the lottery, so I must start to do it…

Anyway, why do I even care- I have plenty of everyday clothes and I can usually get something sorted for an event of some sort (since I’m not going to the IMPAC award, that is), so what’s the problem? Maybe it’s just a symptom of  a few weeks of very limited energy, when I do actually feel in a bit of a rut for all sorts of reasons, not just the clothes. Maybe I’m SAD, since I’ve been wearing the same wintry clothes, with the exception of about 2 weeks last July, and part of this April, since about 2007.  Probably when the sun comes out I’ll wander round the town/ internet and gather up all sorts of exciting flattering garments. Before returning them because that top doesn’t go with anything, or those sleeves are horrible, or “knee length” shouldn’t be that short.

But if you do have any ideas, let me know!

P.S. oh, oh, oh, look what I just discovered. A place to start. If you’re looking for me, this is where I’ll be. I may be gone some time.


6 thoughts on “big girls browse

  1. I’m seriously considering thinking getting started very very soon on the personal downsizing myself too.

  2. That’s one advantage of being a male, I guess, not having to put so much thought and energy into what clothes I’m going to wear and what will flatter me the most. I just throw on yet another shirt and yet another pair of jeans. Sometimes I feel totally frustrated by the limitations of the male wardrobe, at other times it’s a great relief.

    Jenny would sympathise with you, she has a real problem finding attractive clothes for her un-standard figure as well.

  3. Speccy, I’m exactly where you are. So Nigella Lawson is my heroine: she manages to look wonderful, and she’s in her fifties but then her family are rolling in it.
    She seems to get by in very expensive corsetry and lots of black. And kohl.
    John Lewis do a lovely personal shopping service. Make an appointment, turn up, be plied with elderflower champagne and let someone choose clothes to your spec and budget. Lovely experience, but you need to do it about twice annually.

  4. Also, Kate, I just know I’d be bound to spill the fizz all over the most expensive garment that I hadn’t intended to buy… Those super engineered undies do appear to be the business for squashing and supporting and what not. I did admire Nigella’s horrible swimming outfit when on holiday. If only I had the oomph to do that. Of course, Donegal beaches are not plagued with the paparazzi looking for me, so I can probably get away with ordinary enormous clothes.

    Blackwatertown, I was very good there for about 3 weeks, but I can feel myself start to slip again. Must go and chop some cucumber 😦

    Nick, one of the local twitter commenters wondered if we should arrange a twitter/blogger/whatever boring clothes swap- we’d all still have boring clothes, but at least they’d be different garments! You can keep Jenny updated if anything ever comes of that

  5. Mix and March is my bible with colourful tops and scarves. Don’t mix style with fashion. Sometimes women spend absolute fortunes just because something is the latest fashion and it looks hideous on them. Find your own style and colours and you will look well.

    If someone tells you that you are looking really well then the colours are perfect, If they admire your outfit before seeing you then it is wrong. Do the colour test. Go to a department store and pick up a blouse or scarf, find a mirror and drape the blouse or scarf across your front hiding the clothes you are wearing. Take a good look. IF your eyes are the first thing you notice, you are on to a winner. For instance… peach and yellowish reds or greens and black drain my face. The blue family, jades and raspberry with navy instead of black, do the trick for me. Hope that is helpful.

  6. Grannymar, you are a veritable font of wisdom. Did you ever get your colours ‘done’? I think I need time and energy to plan and browse, to do the job properly rather than buying bits in outlet shops and sales here and there and then wondering why nothing works. Hmmm.
    Kate! Clear your sofa, I’m on my way to you since we don’t have a John Lewis. I can’t go anywhere else now I’ve been tempted by the fizz 🙂

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