it can’t be that time already

School run times are the only times that I can guarantee to not be in bed. I may go back to bed after the morning drop off; I may fall out of bed at 2.30, have a shower and be at school for 3; I may need to be lying down when the homework crises are happening.  If the family are out at football training they assume that I’ll either be playing on the computer or in bed on their return. Nobody really expects me to be doing domestic type activities.
rare sight

If I’m awake at all, the morning is the time to get things done. If it’s not a good day, the morning vanishes in a blur of bed linen and maybe some blogs. TV catch up with a hot water bottle and a rug (June in Ireland, eh?). Afternoon homework time can be a struggle. Girl1’s homework is beyond me now- a parallelogram and a rhombus are different things apparently, and I don’t even look at area calculations. Girl2 is working on multiplication and division, which seem to be at the far edge of my brain fogged abilities. When she gets into the ‘long’ versions, I’ll definitely be in bed.

Today is ok so far; it’s nearly 10 and I haven’t gone back to bed yet. Time to see if the brain can cope with putting letters and leaflets in envelopes…

ready for volunteering. or blogging...

Weekly photochallenge: morning


5 thoughts on “it can’t be that time already

  1. My husband can’t get up in the mornings; his body has to de-creak for a couple of hours. He might get a little something done in the afternoon, then he has to sleep. He spends most of his days on the couch.

    It really sucks for both of you.

  2. That sounds like a very leisurely existence, but no doubt you’re leaving out the more wearisome aspects of the day’s timetable. Glad you’re not very keen on domestic type activities. I’m always baffled by those houseproud types who get up at 6am to clean the house from top to bottom. What on earth motivates them to such frenzied carrying-on?

  3. I married a morning person who feels that the day is wasted if you get up past 6 am. It’s the kind of annoying surprise that happens when you’re old-fashioned and wait till you’re married to start living with someone.

  4. Actual Laughing Out Loud going on here, Patti 😀 Spurs Fan and the girls like to get up ridiculously early- 7.30 is a weekend lie in- but obviously I just ignore them.

    Nick, you were right to spot that you’d been spared the moaning today. That might just be lulling you into a false sense of security…Tomorrow, of course, is another day 😉

    Kate, no matter how much time I have to spend there, it’s always a joy to get into bed and just collapse. Like Tilly’s Hubs, I spend loads of time on the sofa, but nothing is as wonderful as that getting into bed moment…

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