I trundled off to visit the Post Office and the bank and do other random messages on ‘the road’. A new cafe was spotted. It opened up recently, apparently during the time I’ve been doing arty coffee when out.

There’s probably no more than about half a mile between the two cafes, with our house somewhere in the middle. The difference in the view is interesting and says a lot about the area I’ve lived in for many years. To get to the theatre I turn left at the end of our street, walk past houses, flats and flags and cross the river (by bridge- I have no superpowers). To get to ‘the road’ I turn right, past houses, flats and flags and arrive at what I’ve recently seen described as an ‘urban village’. Ooooh.

I live behind the trees and up the hill a bit

From one cafe the view is of big trees, a winding river, a park- space in the city. We sit above and to the side of busy road junctions, so they’re not too obvious. Passers by are leisurely pedestrians, or runners, or rowers. From the other cafe, I can see the bus stop, big bins, prams, school children, pensioners, business people in suits, fashionable folk, and the rest of you us. There are closed down shops, busy shops, pubs and restraurants. People rushing past under umbrellas, with sunglasses, in wheelchairs, on a tandem. Traffic. A community.

I’ve got into the habit of using coffee shop time to pull out the notebook (paper variety) and reflect on what’s in my head or going on in the world around me. This time I sat down and realised that there was no notebook. My handbag was at home so I just had a stumpy IKEA pencil and receipts. Most of the receipts I need to claim expenses. Hmmm. How am I meant to remember great thoughts and process the vagaries of my mind without pen and paper? Now if I had one of those fancy phones I’d just make notes or something…

Yes! I’ve had the phone for over a year and I’ve only now discovered I can make notes on it. I’m not slow on the uptake or anything. Now if I ever work out how to use Twitter on the phone, I’ll be lost to the real world altogether.


4 thoughts on “discovery

  1. I love these new phones. So clever! However I am aware I probably only use 0.00001% of my phone’s functions.

  2. I would just love a phone and computer that i can talk to and it write’s it for me. That way i don’t have to worry about spellings etc ( you know what i mean ) I beleive they call it grammer.

    Every photo i take i could put a poem with it, for when i see the strangest of pictures i want to keep in my memory somehow i find that psp who i would never have chosen as a friend KEEP’S coming into my head.

    If only i had a delete button and press to put (psp) away and start all over again.

  3. Ah, now I have a rough idea where you live, since I used to live in Hillside Gardens, at the bottom of the Stranmillis Road. I daresay Jenny has spotted the new cafe too since she works at Queen’s. Our favourites in the area are Clements and Conor’s.

    I also carry a notebook with me so I can make notes on this and that. I use it not just for sudden ideas but to note down interesting shops, cafes etc that I notice on my travels. I haven’t yet succumbed to a smartphone though Jenny has one.

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