a correspondence

Dawnriser: Oh, oh, oh, I’ve been invited to give a poetry reading in- wait for it- Paris!!

Speccy: Oooh, get you! That sounds exciting, and very  grown up. How did you get to be a grown up?

Dawnriser: Aaaah! Ouch! Ow! Sore foot! Crutches! Pain! Don’t know if I can go anywhere.

Speccy: Are you better yet? Can you go away? I might go to a thing in the Book Festival tonight… *hit by a clever wheeze*… Would you like to do a guest post for the blog? Like a ‘book festival from the other side’ sort of thing? Maybe? Perhaps?

Dawnriser: No. Thanks, but no thanks. No. No. No. Absolutely not. No.

Dawnriser: Yes, well, maybe.

Dawnriser: Ok, I’ll write something and see what I think.

Dawnriser: Here it is, and there’s a picture, links and everything. I could get quite into this.

Speccy: Dear Dawnriser, I apologise for raising your expectations, but I will be unable to use your guest blog post after all. It’s too good, and will show up the star of memineandotherbits (me, me, me) as the plodding amateur she really is. Thanks for the effort. Good luck and goodbye.

Dawnriser:  Honey, that’s fine. I’ve more offers!

You’ll have gathered that Dawnriser and I are old, old friends. She’s source of strength, inspiration and entertainment, a scientist and a fine writer. Watch this space for her post this week. Also, she writes more than me, so bring a glass of wine/cup of tea and enjoy…


9 thoughts on “a correspondence

  1. I would never allow a guest post. My blog is mine. All mine. Trespassing strictly forbidden. All intruders will be shot on sight. And scurrilous stories about them circulated on Twitter.

    1. Ah, but Dawnriser doesn’t do Twitter, so there’d be no fun in gossiping about her there

      *heads off to follow Nick. Fun scurrilous stories may appear later*

      1. I spent too long on Twitter, didn’t find Nick, but did change my user name. Because I am ridiculous, I did go for @speccymcspec – it may not last long, but amuses me for now 🙂

  2. Mise: Zut alors, that’s a fine heralding of a guest post. Interesting, funny, draws the reader in.

    Mise: I know what, I’ll lie low for a while and then pass the technique off as my own next time I have a guest post.

    Mise: Yes, that what I’ll do. Speccy will never notice.

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