the fur, finally

An afternoon that I could not have imagined. Herself was shocked nearly into speech. Spurs Fan hid outside, weeding.

I gathered the bits to sew elastic onto dancing pumps. It takes weeks to get round to, minutes to do. The girls had claimed some of the lion fur material for themselves, and decided to be creative. ‘Mummy, can you teach me to sew?’ (If you listen carefully  you will hear the sound of everyone who knows me laughing heartily.)

Now I admire crafy types, those who can rustle up a cushion or a dress, but nobody could ever accuse me of being deluded regarding my own skills in that area. When at primary school I spent Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, for years, failing to knit scarf and glove sets (a teeny purse resulted) or to sew a straight line. It took me a year to make an A-line skirt, during which time my classmates had created full, probably even stylish for the mid seventies, wardrobes. My ineptitude has stayed with me. In fairness, I’ve made no attempt to overcome it (scarred, you see) and sewing elastic on to dance shoes is about as good as it gets.

craft club

Girl1 got stuck into designing and making a fur purse, with a flap, button and a securing loop. No half measures with that one. I threaded the needle, made a few stitches and off she went.  As I sat down with the pumps, Girl2 wandered in and decided to join in. She was going to make a furry handbag. It appears Girl2 may have an challenging combination of perfectionism and um… there’s a polite way of saying this… a different skill set. I know the latter too well, and am not a bit sorry she doesn’t have to lose heart and hope two afternoons a week for another three years of primary school. We muddled through here; she may not reach the murky depths of awfulness that I have, and, of course, she hasn’t been scarred yet. The task of sewing elastic on took much longer than anticipated because of the passing on of domestic skills. Girls had a lot of fun. I retired to bed.

No lion costume was made that day for the ballet show. As life unfolded and I had to spend time at the hospital with Herself, the chances of me making time to stich/ staple fur on to a tshirt receded. Spurs Fan had a wise and wonderful thought- a stroke of genius. The local dressmakers were easily persuaded to be creative rather than simply turn up trousers.  A lion costume resulted. The happiest lion in the pride.

fierce I tell you, fierce
if you want to get the make up right, you have to do it yourself

Pride and joy.

(No, you wouldn’t have resisted that one)

The show took place in a local church hall on a Saturday afternoon. There were 3 year olds, awed by being on stage, 6 year olds who waved all the time, little brothers shouting at performing sisters. Girl2 and her class, dancing to Carnival of the Animals, seemed quite grown up.

Of course, we had spent weeks singing this when discussing the ballet show. Girl2 got past her annoyance at us eventually and joined in merrily.  (Don’t even pretend you resisted)


7 thoughts on “the fur, finally

  1. Ah, life is very real and heartwarming round at your place. An evening spent being creative with fur fabric with you is just about the best thing Girls1and2 could be doing. And the dressmaker did a great job with that costume.

  2. Hand crafts round the table today, haute couture in a few short years from now! Just you wait.
    Yes I did click on the link and will be singing about the jungle all evening.

  3. Ah, speccy -some day you and I will have to get together in person and not sew. I once was asked to make a munchkin costume for my son when he was in The Wizard of Oz – it was all cut out and came complete with instructions. I had managed to pass the sewing portion of home ec in middle school, so I figured I could handle it. The shirt worked out all right, but there was something distinctly odd about the shorts – they looked something like the math symbol for pi – very wide waste and very narrow leg openings. They had to be torn apart and redone properly by a bunch of middle-school girls.
    The lion’s costume and make-up look wonderously fierce!

  4. My mother used to be brilliant at those sort of skills but somehow my sister and I never picked them up. My generation just assumes that you buy things rather than make them.

    Not surprised the dressmakers were keen to make a lion costume. Something a bit more challenging and creative than the umpteenth pair of trouser turn-ups. I hope they got a hefty tip for their efforts!

  5. I used to find copydex eminently useful: your tales of school needlework projects that took forever rang bells with me 🙂 Glad the show went beautifully and I am full of admiration at the finished lion costume. The dressmaker did everyone proud.
    A heartwarming post today.

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