olympic spirit

Well, did you get tickets for anything in the 2012 Olympics? Hours of poring over programmes, coordinating with Nana and Grandad, doing sums. Surely we’d have a good chance of getting to the white water rafting? It’s hardly a high demand sport, and ideally, is situated within walking distance of Nana and Grandad’s house. We’ll get something I’m sure. But then, no. The Olympics were massively oversubscribed. Most people who applied were disappointed. Maybe it’s as well. The crowds at the athletics might freak me out, the gymnasts would make me jealous and who wants to see the fabulous velodrome anyway?

However, Seb keeps telling us  that the Olympics are for all of us and that there are lots of ways we can get involved, rather than simply watching the games on TV since we don’t have tickets to anything. We can volunteer- not practical from here, or we can nominate a torch bearer. A carrier of the flame. A UK relay of people who should be recognised for helping out and supporting other people. I decided to nominate Spurs Fan; coaching 2 different sports, twice a week each, on top of the afterschool coaching, kit washing, match arranging, form filling in, parent managing- surely that’s the sort of all round good egg Seb wants?

Eventually I found the correct part of the website and read that I had to write a nomination of 1,500 words. 1,500 words- that’s hardly making this accessible for everyone. 1,500 words is about 3 of my longer blog posts. Maybe I should get Kate to write it?

I asked Spurs Fan what he wanted me to be sure and include, and off I went, drafting version 1.0. Hmmm. This was a challenge; it’s not like the blog, I couldn’t just rattle off any old thing. This is a competition. Spurs Fan’s chances hang on my every word. I was paralysed with fright for a while then I got brave (or awake). 755 words- some more flowery language, extra examples and I’d be fine. I’d got the minimum sorted, now for the extra bits. So you can imagine my horror when my next look at the site told me I needed only 150 words (or 1,500 characters). My ‘minimum’ just had to lose 600 words. Yes, brain fog is a nuisance.

So the olympian task of revising the nomination-delete, word count, delete, word count, delete, word count, delete- took place. I’m not sure I was able to submit a good case in 150 words, but it turns out they do an intital shortlisting by ballot anyway, so he has as good a chance as anyone.

You couldn’t make me run. I don’t want to carry flames. I did feel like I deserved a medal. Happily the evil enabling twins two good friends had encouraged me to treat myself to a new handbag. All ‘treats’ are sorted for the foreseeable future. It’s just as well we’re not going to the Olympics- I may have spent quite a bit of the ticket fund…


3 thoughts on “olympic spirit

  1. Likewise on the good luck.
    We got nowt in the way of tickets.
    But maybe I could rent out rooms, or the whole house, to foreigners when the Olympics are on. And then I can sneak off to my mate’s office with the view of the women’s beach volleyball.

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