Cartoon from here.

I like to think that I’m not a shoe person. Of course I have shoes and I wear them, but really, they’re just shoes. Nothing special. Then occasionally, something will catch my eye. Something striking. Something I’d never wear… Actually, I could wear all of those, they’re fabulous. But I don’t do fabulous shoes. I wonder about my resistance to pretty shoes.

Maybe it’s because my feet are broad and totally squashed in delicate, dainty things. Maybe it’s because of the odd thing that screams in protest after a while of wearing anything other than fitflops. You’ll not have read through the medical jargon far enough to come to the most frustrating aspect of the odd thing- ‘it is more likely in women who wear high-heeled shoes for a number of years… It may also be more common in ballet dancers.’ You’ll know that I’m not a ballet dancer; I hardly ever do heels, and certainly not for all day never mind several years. I’ve never really mastered heels- one might have thought my feet would thank me, but no.

I could probably get away with fancy shoes, given the dull clothing. Maybe I fear that something ‘fabulous, dahling’ is a once on item; I don’t want to be turning up in the same old tired shoes for years.

So, given the wonky feet and the apathy towards shoes, how did this happen?

Not the most exciting shoes in the world, but why so many? Clear out time round here soon!


7 thoughts on “feet

  1. I don’t consider myself a shoe horse either, and yet shoe shopping is a process like no other. I can lose hours, days and weeks to the process. And, more money than I should. But when it’s all said and done, a girls got to have a certain quantity and variety in her shoe wardrobe, right?
    Tennis shoes for outside.
    Tennis shoes for the gym.
    Boots for hiking.
    Boots for shoveling.
    Boots for driving and being indoors.
    Brown dress shoes for winter.
    Black dress shoes for winter.
    Brown dress shoes for warm weather.
    Black dress shoes for warm weather.
    Brown sandals.
    Black sandals.
    White sandals.
    Beach shoes.
    Garden shoes.
    House shoes.
    An extra pair of your favorites, because let’s face it, you’ll never find that style again and it took you so long to find that perfect pair. You’re really doing yourself a favor in stocking up.

    No. I’m not a shoe horse. I’m just shoe anal retentive.

    1. Janie, I feel quite moderate now 🙂 It feels like not so long ago when I had one pair of shoes, multipurpose! Of course, that’s over 20 years ago, but it feels not so long…

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