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I’m touched and honoured to be the recipient of a blog ‘award’/meme thing. I feel like I’ve made it to the big time- an outlet for the randomness of my mind, a readership in double figures, and the apparent ability to make complete strangers cry along with me (we must work on the singalongs I think). Go me! I may come over all Gywnnie.

First Tinman and then Janie nominated me for this. Thank you both for this madness. Madness, I tell you. I’m meant to tell you seven random ‘facts’ about myself, and then pass this on to fifteen other bloggers to do the same. I started thinking about the blogs I read daily/ weekly/ the odd time. How did I find them in the first place? Well, of course, through links and comments and random nosing about.

The first blog I encountered was From there I found Grannymar, The Anti Room, Annie and Gluttony for Beginners. Grannymar introduced me to Tinman, Blackwatertown and Nick. Through Tinman, I found Tillybud, Patti, laughykate and Janie. Tillybud linked to Kate. I have no idea how I found Mise (something to do with teatowels?), but I found Jaboopee there through her witty comments. Iota is a longstanding read- one of the the few ‘mummy blogger’ types that I read; deceptively simple and powerful stuff. Dorkymum is a recent discovery- parenting with added photography and poetry. Manuel should be part of anyone’s blogroll. Xtrekki is someone I actually know, though she’s been unusually quiet recently. Yes, I know that’s more than 15, but I’m not actually ‘tagging’ them, just letting you know who they are. These are the blogs I read most often right now, and they all deserve an award for fabulousity. If any of them, or you, want to be tearful and accepting, then blog away.

Well then, ‘facts’…

1. Underneath the highlights, I have the hair of an 85 year old.

2. I own more milk jugs, sugar bowls and serving dishes than any house needs. Especially one with limited hosting skills.

3. I hate mushrooms…

4. …and the very thought of offal.

5. I spent a significant part of my youth watching rally cars slow down.

6. I used to do drama, but lost the oomph long ago. I’m currently looking for any spare  oomph.

7. I really look like this

stylish and smiley, that's me

18 thoughts on “bloggy buddies

  1. “I spent a significant part of my youth watching rally cars slow down” How very intriguing. Tell us more….

    No no, you don’t look like that. That’s Anne Widdecombe. Or Dawn French. It’s a grotesque travesty of the facts.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Congrats and ta for the mention too.
    I too have a small jug. Just in case a vicar should drop by. Which has so far happened once.
    It was great. I was able to say: “More tea vicar?” when no one had even farted.

    1. I have this great vision of you practising for that very moment 🙂
      When the Brother bought his first house, I gave him a milk jug and sugar bowl in case of emergencies (What do you mean, a jug/ bowl emergency isn’t a real thing? He did appear bewildered, but that’s beside the point.) Subsequently, the milk jug has only ever been spotted acting as a gravy boat. Impressive in itself.

  3. Thanks muchly missus for the mention! I hope you noticed that it was three of my toyboys that I introduced you to! 😉 I have milk jugs and teapots and I never use them these days. I have gaudy flowery teasets that sit on a shelf gathering dust. One of these days I must have a garage sale….

    That picture is of the same school as one of my favourites

  4. Don’t mind her, readers, I’ve met her, she looks nothing like that.
    that’s why rally car drivers used to slow down, just to gaze upon her….

  5. Sorry, I meant the three dots there to sound wistful. Now that I look at the comment it just looks as if I’m leaving out a rude word.

  6. Tinman, you’ve met her, how privileged is that! I bet she’s good company. Well done on the award, Speccy; the red carpet becomes you.

  7. Thanks Spex. What a great roundup: and a lovely way to accept an award. I LOVE that picture of you, I have one just like it only marginally less flattering, but drawn with the same amount of artless love 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for the mention, and congrats on your own award! I’d be interested to know how you stumbled on me? Through another blog or one of the parenting networks? I love how the blogging community works! By checking out other people’s blogrolls I could really spend all day discovering new and interesting folk 🙂

    1. Well, dorkymum, neither! I found you via The Guardian 🙂 First the print edition of the .paper, then they RT’d your blog address, and there I was- traditional and new media combining. I have lost many hours pottering around on blogs, wondering how I found something fun and interesting!

      1. Cool, thanks for taking the time to look me up – hope you enjoyed the article! I was hoping they’d include a link to my blog at the bottom of the article, but they didn’t 😦 The RT was nice though. Looking forward to keeping up with you on here xx

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