the eden project

If you’re ever in or around Cornwall, you should go to the Eden Project. Yes, yes, you should, I said so. Suddenly, that’s not good enough for you?

I know nothing about plants and less than I should about conservation, but this is truly a heart lifting spot. Rainforest in a disused clay pit? Home-made soil? Plants from the time of the dinosaurs? Astonishing architecture and sculpture? The Eden Project has it all. It’s fascinating and inspiring, with thought and creativity demonstrated in all aspects. It broke through the fog and the numbness and made me take notice of what was going on around me. No mean feat, chaps.

driftwood horse
it looks like bubble wrap
hidden amongst the prehistoric type plants
something growing
I know what this is; it's a waterfall in the bubblewrap rainforest
made from electrical rubbish- must try it with the contents of our attic
random pretty plant

The camera decided to run out of battery for the first time since May, and in the chaos preceding our departure, I hadn’t brought a charger from home. All the Eden pics are from the early part of the day- while we were fresh, before getting too hot and sticky. Yes, it’s an actual rainforest. Monica hair is the order of the day. (Ah now, come on, did you really think I’d show my own hair then? I have to keep up some pretense.)


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