all the advice is to rest

Of course that’s the advice. I’m exhausted, grieving, everyone is on school holidays- what else would I be doing but resting?  Well, it seems I’m ignoring all advice and doing things. I want to ‘do’ something. Achieve something, anything, after months of blurred bewilderment and stressed reactions. I’m looking for distraction. My inner control freak is asserting herself.

I’ve hated our fireplace each of the nearly 12 years we’ve lived here. It’s being replaced before the end of the month. I’ve cleared (to the attic to start with, but to charity asap) about two thirds of my books. I’m considering paint colours and flooring choices. Spurs Fan is really looking forward to going back to work. When term and coaching seasons start, he hasn’t time to do extra housey stuff. He is happy about this.

The trouble will really start if it turns out that my inner control freak has decided to take on Herself’s ‘always rearranging the house’ notions. I don’t expect to ever have the inclination or energy for that, but isn’t life full of surprises?


9 thoughts on “all the advice is to rest

    1. Oh yes. Finally. You also need to know that the TV died, so we had to get a new one. Then we had to get a HD box to go with that. You can’t take comfort from the old TV anymore …

      1. Aha. Now I really will need to consider retiring our 15 year old single channel one. Watch out world. I could get connected. Oh, and I agree with Kileen. I quite liked your fireplace also. But I’m well aware you didn’t! So enjoy the transition!

  1. I always liked the fireplace. Your house is perfect but considering paint colours & flooring is fun. I’m considering the Laura Ashley teacups lamp….. reduced in sale. At the minute I’m resisting.

  2. But the books…..don’t forget you have directt connection to specific charities awaiting such bounteous gifts! After all – you know a few people currently collecting for Marie Curie hospice fund who will willingly not just accept donations but will actually collect them!!!

    1. xtrekki, those very people were who I was thinking of when I wrote ‘charity’. Indeed, since the time of writing, I’ve been in touch with your fellow car boot seller and all is sorted- just bring the big car boot!

  3. Whilst bereaved last year I managed to arrange for a new kitchen, a new hall floor, the hall to be painted and a new front door fitted.
    Since the dog went I’ve started getting ideas on how I can decorate the living room….

    1. Now Spurs Fan is getting really worried…

      The new living room floor is going into the hall and kitchen as well, which will mean even more painting. The sofa will be replaced. Shelves will be replaced. Pictures will be moved. Chaos will reign externally as well as in my mind.

      Maybe that’s the point? Quick, somebody, write a dissertation!

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