A few weeks ago the Brother tweeted that he’d found the best beach in East Lothian, but wasn’t going to tell anyone where it is. We’re lucky though. Not only did he take us there, he took a day off work to do so.

Of course, I’ll never be able to find it again. It has two names, neither of which I remember, nor could I spell. The Brother zigzagged across the countryside, drove up a long lane, and then we trekked through a forest. It was all worth it as we looked over the top of the dunes- white sand, blue sea, blue sky. Hardly anyone about. The sea was freezing. It was practically a Donegal beach.

We spent hours walking and playing, digging and splashing. Hours simply sitting and letting ourselves just be. I’ll never find it again, but I’m glad we were there. All together.


6 thoughts on “mystery

  1. Sometimes I wish I could preserve moments like that. It’s part of life that we can’t: dried flowers will never bee like their living counterparts. This was a beautiful post 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Speccy – seems really strange to call you that but I guess that’s blog etiquette?? – really loved the picture. I do like photos taken from behind and have lots of my younger 2 taken from that angle. i am so happy to be able to comment – had a great technical guru!!

  2. And again on technicalities – I’ve noticed you are getting very zippy infusing your blogs with deftly chosen music as well as illustrating them with your very individual pics. Things have come a long way in such a short time!!! I’m very impressed (not to say blinded by your burgeoning technical skills!!!)

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